Appointed Officers

Appointed Officers, 2018-2019

Worshipful Grand ChaplainBro. Morgan Kimbrough
Worshipful Deputy Grand SecretaryBro. George T.R. Lane, PM
Worshipful Grand Senior DeaconBro. Bill Armento, WM
Worshipful Grand Junior DeaconBro. Kenneth Hudson
Worshipful Grand Senior StewardBro. John Douglas
Worshipful Grand Junior StewardBro. Terry Taylor
Worshipful Grand MarshalBro. Joseph Lasseter
Worshipful Grand Lecturer EmeritusBro. Lloyd Green
Worshipful Grand PursuviantBro. Bev Taylor
Worshipful Grand Pursuviant EmeritusBro. James Sloan
Worshipful Grand TylerBro. Saveno Seals
Worshipful Grand Master of CeremoniesBro. Marvin Stewart
Worshipful Grand Standard BearerBro. Robert Clay
Worshipful Grand Sword BearerBro. Ray Wilson
Worshipful Grand Chairman of CredentialsBro. Jermain Henderson
Worshipful Chairman of Lodges U.D. & Delinquent LodgesBro. Jameel Hameed
Worshipful Chairman on ReturnsBro. Morgan Kimbrough
Special Committee to Assist the Grand MasterMWPGM Adolphus Ollison
Worshipful Chairman Ways and Means CommitteeBro. Wendell G. Terry
Worshipful Chairman of Committee on the Grand Master’s AddressMWPGM Donald W. Austin
Worshipful Chairman of Committee on AppealsBro. John Douglas
Worshipful Chairman of Committee on JurisprudenceMWPGM Eddie N. Sauls III
Worshipful Chairman Grand Audit CommitteeBro. Osumana V. Cassell
Member Grand Audit CommitteeBro. Kameron Middlebrooks
Member Grand Audit CommitteeBro. Wendell G. Terry
Member Grand Audit CommitteeBro. Andrew Richardson
Committee of Budget/FinanceMWPGM, Owen T. Sloan
Chairman of Budget/FinanceMWPGM, Earl Harrison
Committee of Budget/FinanceBro. Kenneth F. Reed
Committee of Budget/FinanceMWPGM Donald W. Austin
Chairman of Time and Place CommitteeBro. Lynn Lewis
Worshipful Chairman of Masonic CharityBro. Terry Taylor
Worshipful Chairman of Board of CustodiansMWPGM Earl Harrison
Worshipful Chairman of ScholarshipBro. Fred Harris
Member of Scholarship CommitteeBro. Maurice Evans
Worshipful Chairman Convention CommitteeMWPGM Donald W. Austin
Convention CommitteeBro. Jermain Henderson
Worshipful Chairman of NecrologyBro. Steve Pilate
CCFCMWPGM Robert E. Joseph
Worshipful Grand WebmasterBro. Ike Rayford
Chairman Brochure CommitteeBro. Wendell Terry
Worshipful Chairman of Membership Reclamation CommitteeBro. Kenneth Hudson
Member of Membership Reclamation CommitteeBro. Andrew Richardson
Member of Membership Reclamation CommitteeBro. Ramone Hemphill
Member of Membership Reclamation CommitteeBro. Jermain Henderson
Committee on Community InvolvementBro. Steve Pilate
Grand Lodge MaterialsMWPGM Eddie N. Sauls III
Grand Lodge MaterialsMWPGM Donald W. Austin
Grand Lodge MaterialsMWPGM Owen T. Sloan
Code and Constitution RevisionMWPGM Eddie N.Sauls, III, Chairman

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