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As Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the State of Iowa, it is my honor and pleasure to extend heartfelt welcome to our inaugural website. For the past 146 years the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Iowa and Jurisdictions, Inc. and its predecessors have been a positive influence in African-American communities across the state of Iowa.


Although the Iowa jurisdiction is small in number, it is filled with members who are dedicated, Grand Master M.W. Eddie N. Sauls IIIhardworking, and capable of producing large results.  I cannot begin to chronicle the many accomplishments and contributions that our members have made in communities across this great state.


Iowa Prince Hall Masons are committed to be positive role models in communities throughout the state while regularly exercising the tenants of Freemasonry Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.


It is my prayer that this website provides a glimpse of the positive influence that this noble and honorable fraternity plays in the State of Iowa.


Eddie N. Sauls III

Most Worshipful Grand Master

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Brothers and Sisters of The Iowa Prince Hall Jurisdiction:


On behalf of Grand Worthy Matron Laura A. Baker and myself, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for your attendance at the Joint Statewide St. John's/Esther Day Observances yesterday in Iowa City, Iowa at the New Creations International Church.


The turnout was most impressive and I understand that we had almost 50 brothers and sisters in attendance. Thanks for your financial offering to the church body it was most appreciated by Pastor Smith. The church showed their appreciation to us and blessed us with a nice meal and blessing for our many travels.


The service was powerful and moving. Pastor Smith gave us things to think about as Master Masons and Eastern Stars.


It was most impressive to see the Brothers from A. G. Clark # 47 Lodge go up to the Pastor in solidarity as a group for special prayer. What a powerful and moving moment that was to observe. I met with the pastor after church and has welcomed us back at any time.


These are the type of exposure opportunities that we need in our respective local communities. These are the type of things show our efforts in our communities and that will grow our membership with good people.


Again Iowa, thanks for a most impressive turnout and participation and thanks for another job well done.


Fraternally yours,

Eddie N. Sauls

Most Worshipful Grand Master

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